Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Night Photography-Curtis Hixon Park Tampa

  Last night I went with some fellow photographers to practice some night photography at Curtis Hixon Park
This is a beautiful new park that opened earlier this year on the river across from the University. It is located next to two museums including a new children's museum that just opened last week.  I have not done much night photography yet and had a lot of fun. We arrived shortly before sunset with the sun shining on the building above.

  This photo is of the view across the river. It rained earlier in the evening and there were still a lot of clouds around. We have a lot of beautiful sunsets in this area!

  I really love this image. The river is on the left, the Tampa Museum of Art on the right. There is some mist rising from the ground where the lights are. I believe there are usually jets of water shooting up here during the day.

   When it gets dark the museum puts on an amazing light show!  This park is beautiful both during the day and at night!

  I love the way palm trees look lit up at night. I love the art on this building but it is getting faded, I think they need to rehab or replace it soon.

  This is the kind of fountain that I believe normally flows in the other photo where the mist was. 
I really enjoyed wandering around this park at night. Very peaceful and beautiful. I will  photographing someone here soon and am now very excited about it, there seem to be unlimited possibilities for some fantastic images. That shoot will take place late afternoon into early evening so I will have a wonderful variety of photos from the park-and my subject to show you then!

in downtown

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