Saturday, September 11, 2010

Clearwater Beach

  Last night I went to Clearwater Beach with a friend to just walk around and take some photos for fun. I remember it was one of the first places I drove to when I first moved to Tampa and it is truly a beautiful and interesting drive. You drive over a beautiful causeway, then through the town of Clearwater, then over a scenic bridge to the beaches on the other side. This first photo was taken from Pier 60 where they have a small sunset festival every evening. I was sad to see that there seemed to be fewer vendors and performers there this time than in the past but maybe it was because it is still really hot here. The pink building is the new 
Hyatt Clearwater. It appears in a few of my pics. When I first got here they had just started building it.

  This is what you see looking from the other side of the Pier. Beautiful.

We then waked down the beach some. I always wonder if these guys with the metal detectors ever really find anything!  In addition to this gentleman there was another standing into the water waist deep with one. Not sure how he would go about digging underwater if he thought he found something!

  It was a beautiful and peaceful evening-almost too much so. We were not finding anything really interesting to photograph and then this guy appears in the sky! I have never seen one of these things before! It looked like a lot of fun as long as the motor keeps working!

  On this night there was pretty much a cloudless sunset. Here you see a tour boat and a surfer guy. I love being in places like this at sunset!

  Finally here is a night shot of the Crabby Bill's Restaurant across the street with the crescent moon above.
I hope to get out more often to the other beaches along the coast here soon. I feel very fortunate to live near so many beautiful places!

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