Sunday, March 28, 2010


It is no secret how much I love puppies. I especially love getting to shoot a breed I dont see all that often. Yesterday I met my friend Angelica at an amazing park in Safety Harbor,Fl to photograph her Corgie Puppy Kintaro.

How cute is he? He is a very friendly little puppy who runs up to anybody new he sees happily. He is very soft and for some reason enjoys trying to drink salt water on the beach!

These photos were taken at Phillipe Park in Saftey Harbor. Until this day I didnt even know it existed but I will be going there many times in the future. This park features and Indian Mound which is really more like a large hill something you dont come across often in flat Florida. From the top of the mound you look down on the water. There are also a variety of breathtakingly beautiful old trees and a stone staircase leading up the Indian mound. In the above shot Kintaro is posing on the stone ledge next to the stairs what a wonderful shot!

This is just a sampling of the variety of cute shots I got of this sweet little dog. Hope to get back to this park soon it is an amazing place to take photos or just relax and enjoy the beauty. Hope to post photos of the park itself soon. Spring has sprung here in Tampa and the trees and flowers are a'bloomin!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Annie and Glen

Well finally the beautiful sunny weather has returned to Tampa! Hopefully it is back to stay for a while this time. Earlier in the week I photographed my neighbors, Annie in Glen at Homosassa Springs Wilderness Park. This park is located about an hour North of Tampa and is really nice. There is a hippo, mantatees, and many beautiful birds as well as the blue green water of the springs.

That water was used as the background in the above photo of Annie. Though a little windy it was a wonderful day and I had a lot of fun photographing this couple, how could I not? Annie and Glen are both very nice and are easy to photograph, doesnt get much better than that!

I would really like to photograph more couples. It is a trend in photography now to have 'engagement' shots done similar to these but I think they would also be great to have done for an anniversary or 'just because'. I think it is sad that when it comes to photography people dont think about getting anything professional done unless it is related to a major event like a wedding or high school graduation. Professional photos taken of couples, married or not will be treasured for endless years to come. My job will be to make people see the truth of this.

I leave you with this one just for fun. I love the expression on Glens face! Thanks you guys for helping me with my portfolio! I hope we have the opportunity to do more another time!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fun with Horses

A few days ago I had a fantastic time photographing a couple of horses with their owners, Lisa and Patti. I even had the opportunity to ride one for the first time, something I have been wanting to do for a while. As with most things there is a lot more to learning to do so properly than you might think. It is also harder than I thought to capture the kind of images I would like to of these beautiful animals. However as with all things photography related I am determined to master the skill in the future!

Thank you Patti and Lisa for allowing me to come and photograph you and your beautiful horses! I enjoyed meeting you and working with you very much. I learned a lot and look forward to having another opportunity to improve upon my skill. I am starting to meet some really fun unique people doing this and I hope it continues!

Click below for a slideshow with all my favorites!

My next post will feature my neighbors Annie and Glenn. We had a great time at Homosassa wilderness park doing a session check back soon to see some great stuff!


Monday, March 15, 2010


Sorry I am a little late with this post! Have had a lot going on and will have many more photos to post soon. Last week I had the opportunity to photograph my friend and fellow photographer Kim's two adorable Chiwawas Carmen and Carlo just look how cute! The top photo is my absolute favorite. I am love the expression in his eyes!

How happy does Carmen look here? So cute she actually reminds me of a cartoon dog here

Here we have a 'bonus shot' of a dog named 'Mr. Biscuit' I took at the dog park within Al Lopez park next to the football stadium. Love it!
My next post will feature photos from my shoot on a horse farm yesterday. I had a great time and sat on a horse myself for the first time!

Monday, March 8, 2010


As you know I am in the process of putting together my portfolio. It will be one part people portraiture, one part pet portraiture, and one part art/nature. Last week I had the opportunity to photograph one of my fellow photography students, Sean. We had a great time despite the cool weather and wind which caused our eye to tear up a bit! It was all worth it just to get the above photo I converted to black and white, I love it! As you can see we got several nice shots but this one is just fun and different. It was actualy taken by the pool. If it were in color you would see the background was simply pool water!

I have developed a taste for putting people up in trees. Expect to see more of this.

The late afternoon light is so beautiful, I try to shoot people at this time as much as I can. This weekend we spring forward and hour and we will be back to having wonderful long days! The weather is finally back to the 70s here in Tampa this week and I am loving it! Just in the last few days I have noticed leaves bursting out on trees welcome Spring!
Should be posting more dog photos later in the week. Also looks like I will have the opportunity to photograph some horses next week as well I am really looking forward to that!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A few from the Zoo

The more I practice and learn, the more picky I am about what I feel is good enough to post here and/or turn in for school. Getting a truly good photograph as compared to a 'cute picture' is pretty time consuming. Last week on an amazingly beautiful day I went to Lowry park zoo and took photos for 3 hours. In all that time I only got a few photos I feel worthy enough to post. I spent most of my time photographing the orangutangs. The baby ones are very funny and acitve never sitting still for more than a second. The above photo made all of my time worth it though.
The below photos was a reaction to having dropped some of the food he had in his hand.

Then there is this guy below, these monkeys are very difficult to photograph in fully sun as they are black and white. This photo amuses me because he really looks like a grumpy old man!

Lowrey park is a really nice zoo, if it were free to go I would hang out there often. The only one I have been to that tops it-Disneys Animal Kingdom isnt even really considered a zoo but is very beautiful and enormous.
My difficulties with getting great wildlife photos only makes me appreciate shows like Planet Earth all the more. I am very excited about the new series by the same producers 'Life' coming on the Discovery channel March 21st it looks amazing!