Sunday, March 28, 2010


It is no secret how much I love puppies. I especially love getting to shoot a breed I dont see all that often. Yesterday I met my friend Angelica at an amazing park in Safety Harbor,Fl to photograph her Corgie Puppy Kintaro.

How cute is he? He is a very friendly little puppy who runs up to anybody new he sees happily. He is very soft and for some reason enjoys trying to drink salt water on the beach!

These photos were taken at Phillipe Park in Saftey Harbor. Until this day I didnt even know it existed but I will be going there many times in the future. This park features and Indian Mound which is really more like a large hill something you dont come across often in flat Florida. From the top of the mound you look down on the water. There are also a variety of breathtakingly beautiful old trees and a stone staircase leading up the Indian mound. In the above shot Kintaro is posing on the stone ledge next to the stairs what a wonderful shot!

This is just a sampling of the variety of cute shots I got of this sweet little dog. Hope to get back to this park soon it is an amazing place to take photos or just relax and enjoy the beauty. Hope to post photos of the park itself soon. Spring has sprung here in Tampa and the trees and flowers are a'bloomin!

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