Saturday, March 20, 2010

Annie and Glen

Well finally the beautiful sunny weather has returned to Tampa! Hopefully it is back to stay for a while this time. Earlier in the week I photographed my neighbors, Annie in Glen at Homosassa Springs Wilderness Park. This park is located about an hour North of Tampa and is really nice. There is a hippo, mantatees, and many beautiful birds as well as the blue green water of the springs.

That water was used as the background in the above photo of Annie. Though a little windy it was a wonderful day and I had a lot of fun photographing this couple, how could I not? Annie and Glen are both very nice and are easy to photograph, doesnt get much better than that!

I would really like to photograph more couples. It is a trend in photography now to have 'engagement' shots done similar to these but I think they would also be great to have done for an anniversary or 'just because'. I think it is sad that when it comes to photography people dont think about getting anything professional done unless it is related to a major event like a wedding or high school graduation. Professional photos taken of couples, married or not will be treasured for endless years to come. My job will be to make people see the truth of this.

I leave you with this one just for fun. I love the expression on Glens face! Thanks you guys for helping me with my portfolio! I hope we have the opportunity to do more another time!

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