Monday, March 8, 2010


As you know I am in the process of putting together my portfolio. It will be one part people portraiture, one part pet portraiture, and one part art/nature. Last week I had the opportunity to photograph one of my fellow photography students, Sean. We had a great time despite the cool weather and wind which caused our eye to tear up a bit! It was all worth it just to get the above photo I converted to black and white, I love it! As you can see we got several nice shots but this one is just fun and different. It was actualy taken by the pool. If it were in color you would see the background was simply pool water!

I have developed a taste for putting people up in trees. Expect to see more of this.

The late afternoon light is so beautiful, I try to shoot people at this time as much as I can. This weekend we spring forward and hour and we will be back to having wonderful long days! The weather is finally back to the 70s here in Tampa this week and I am loving it! Just in the last few days I have noticed leaves bursting out on trees welcome Spring!
Should be posting more dog photos later in the week. Also looks like I will have the opportunity to photograph some horses next week as well I am really looking forward to that!

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