Monday, November 22, 2010


  In my last post I featured some photos from my trip to Bok Tower Gardens.  The estate connected to the gardens features an amazing semi-circular stone alcove, about 8 feet high. Tiny little plants and moss grow on the stones and in the center is a very small pond maybe six feet across surrounded by moss on which were sitting these cute little frogs.

  Being there made me feel like I was in the middle of on of my favorite books as a child, The Secret Garden. 
This place had such a peaceful magical feel to it!  The light was very low there and I used my tripod to get these shots. I now see shooting wide open was a mistake as I would have liked to get more detail from the moss and rocks surrounding the frogs. Lesson learned for next time!

  I have never come upon a bunch of frogs like this. When I lived in Maryland all I ever saw were lumpy toads. These guys are much cuter. They were very quite and didn't seem to mind me being there though I couldn't get quite as close as I might have liked without them jumping in the water.

  I think I like this last one the most as it kind of looks as though he is perched on the frog version of a cliff!
There is nothing more fun then coming across an animal I have not yet had the chance to photography like this!  I look forward to my next trip to Bok Tower to improve upon these and soak up some of the magical vibes there!  

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