Friday, December 3, 2010

Disney's Animal Kingdom Part 1

  Yesterday I drove to Disney's Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando.  I love it there yet I do not think I have visited since I moved here 2 years ago.  This park puts any zoo I have been to to shame being Disney. I do not feel that photos can really express what they accomplished in building this park.  Even though there are always a lot of people there, it really has a peaceful feel to it. There is always a bench tucked away in the shade that feels private where you can simply sit and soak in nature. I only had a few hours on this day as it was cold in the morning believe it or not and is now getting dark so early. Time does go so quickly when you are having fun and it is so easy to just stop and watch the animals, or the people for that matter without realizing how long you have done so.  I have been to Disney many times, the first trip when I was in kindergarten I believe. It is still hard to believe that I now live 60 instead of 900 miles away. I have never been there at Christmas though and am especially looking forward to going back the week of Christmas to see the Magic Kingdom as well as the decorations at some of the resorts
   As you can see one is currently greeted by a large Christmas tree when arriving at the Animal Kingdom. It is covered with ornaments of Animals and stars. All of the shops are covered with wreaths and garland as well making a beautiful place even more so.

  Most of my photos however look as though they could have been taken anywhere. I am of course not looking for the kinds of images taken thousands of times daily. I came out with a odd variety of photos as a result.  I love looking at sleeping flamingos like this.  Peaceful and beautiful.

  This flower was actually laying sideways and I turned it right side up.  I really like the crinkly edges of this
one. So delicate and so beautiful.

  I took quite a few images of these parrots, this one is my favorite as they almost look they were posing for me. Ha they were not I just got lucky at capturing the right moment. They were pretty much constantly moving.

  This is something that just kind of 'happened'. I was sitting on a bench and spotted this interesting looking-seed pod?-not sure what to call it as it isn't really a pod but anyway for some reason it really captured my attention.  I looked around for a place to photograph it and there on the stone/brick boarder of some plants I found the answer. Just looks right.

  I really wonder what these creatures think of all us humans watching them. This guy doesn't look to happy.
I really liked all the different triangle shapes here.

  I loved watching this animal, who's name I have forgotten!  They are so delicate and really look like they should be living in a fairy world surrounded by elks and unicorns. Cute!

  I have more photos to share from my trip to the Animal Kingdom, got a few really fun images of gorillas especially. I will close this entry with an obligatory shot of the parks centerpiece. To be honest it is my least favorite thing there because the leaves are SO fake looking! It is enormous and many animals are carved into the trunk. That part I like. It just doesn't go with the rest of the park to me which is filled with so much natural beauty. The animals are presented in a way that is not 'zoo' like at all.  The Animal Kingdom is a fantastic place to escape from the real world for a day. More to come.

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