Saturday, December 4, 2010

Disney's Animal Kingdom Part 2

  I am back with some more photos from my trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Here we have a sleepy Kangaroo.  He/She was startled by an unexpected sound then paused for a moment here before laying back down to sleep. So cute!

  And now my gallery of gorillas. I took these towards the end of my visit. I now want to go back as many times as I must for some more unique shots of these guys as well as the other animals. I was lucky that I was able to get these only hanging around for about 20 minutes.  They sure do not look very happy. They are not in cages. It is really amazing how Disney has landscaped this park to keep it as natural as possible. The fact that they own such a vast expanse of land does not hurt.

  I really like this one, with the shadow from some plants falling across the scene.  Also seems like you can see just a little bit of one tooth.

    Wow look at those arms! Really looking right at me too!

  I made this one look like an old photo. I think the one on the left had his eyes closed. Love that I was able to get 2 of them looking my direction at once!

  It was funny when this one crossed his arms, he sort of seemed like, okay go ahead take my photo.

  Not sure what he was looking at here, but again looking pretty mean!  I will end this post with a happier shot of a flower :)

  I am loving the bokah/background on this one!  Hope you have enjoyed my latest animal photos, I sure love taking them!

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