Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cards from Ybor City

  One week until Christmas! It has actually felt like Christmas here in Tampa the last few weeks, especially at night!  Yesterday I took a walk around Ybor city to take a few photos of the decorations there. Next week I hope to be visiting Disney World who goes all out in everything they do. Really looking forward to that!  I love living in Florida but Christmas doesn't have the same feel as it to me living up north. I am actually glad for some cold nights to better capture that Christmas feeling!

  I think I could use this image as a card if I filled in the window of the door with white and wrote a message on it.  I love greenery like this but like it better of course when it is real!  You tend to see more real pine used  up north and I miss that!  Still I love looking at Christmas decorations, whatever they are made of!

  I really like this photo, I was able to capture the Christmas Tree, the sign and even a bit of palm tree so you can tell this is Florida!

  I gave this one the old fashioned treatment!  Taking photos of the decorated buildings in Ybor is difficult as many have lamp posts and/or palm trees blocking the view! I like this one anyway, even if that light post is blocking the sign!

  Now this one really says Florida Christmas!  Poinsettias and a palm tree!  I also like the shadow cast on the wall by the palm tree across the street.  I hope to have some more fun Christmas themed photos to share with you over the next two weeks! :)

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