Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Marvin

Today I got some great shots of my favorite duck, the one I call Marvin. He is the mascot of my community. I am told he has lived here for 5 years and is a one of a kind. Usually he is surrounded by a bunch of mallard ducks who also live here. Recently there was about a week though where all of the other ducks vanished and it was just him :(. I have been here almost a year and there have always been about 20 ducks living at the lake here so this was very odd. He was forced to hang around the egrets that stop by from time to time. Then I noticed 2 other ducks appeared and today there were once again a bunch of them out there. I guess they must have gone on vacation. I am not sure if Marvin can fly very well. Today all of the other ducks took flight to fly across the lake and he just swam really fast. Hope you enjoy these photos of my awsome duck friend Marvin!

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