Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Old photos

Wow I went a lot longer than I meant to without a post again. I will be sure to get on a better schedule again. Actually may post a few things back to back. I am working on various things including getting ready to shoot my first wedding! Also I have been working on scanning some old photos. These are all old photos of my grandmother. The first one is my favorite, I put some painting/sketch effects on these to help eliminate some of the noise or fuzziness that comes along with these sorts of photos.

I am only now realising that these first two were obviously taken on the same day. I have a pile of photos and happened to pick both of them, they just seem so classic!

Isn't this last one a beautiful portrait? The photo was very dark and I was able to improve it quite a bit. Love the polka dot blouse. I wish people still dressed classy like this!

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