Thursday, November 4, 2010

Venice, California Part 2: Venice Beach!

 Venice Beach. A beautiful place filled with a wide variety of sites, sounds and people. It was peaceful there on this Friday afternoon as I wandered around soaking in the scenery.  I could not help but be reminded how amazing this world is,and what and incredible variety of people we share the planet with. I love to go to places where everyone is having a good time and soak up all of that positive energy.

  There is no shortage of things to do at Venice Beach as it is so much more than your average beach area. Here is the 'muscle beach' area where you can work out in the open. There wasn't much going on in this area at time I was there so sorry no body builder photos!

  Moving on there are hand ball courts and then basketball courts as seen here. The views are spectacular all around, the ocean, the mountains and the characters that wander the board walk of touristy stores.

  There is also an area for skateboarders to practice their tricks. I spent some time watching them with the scenery of the ocean off to the left and mountains straight ahead. Living in Florida I really miss seeing mountains and cliffs like they have by the water in California. I could probably have sat in one place all day and not gotten bored watching all that goes on during the day here.

  And yes, people bring their dogs here also. Here are a few photos of some of them. These are some lucky puppies that get to take their walks here!

  Why this last one was so sad looking I do not know! He seems to live in an apartment overlooking the beach! I can only guess he wished he was out running on it instead of being trapped on the balcony!

  There are also people riding bikes of all kinds and jogging. No shortage of ways to have fun here!

  A young man approached me asking if I would buy his small book of poetry and stories for a few dollars. They are all about love and being positive so I told him I would buy one if he let me take his photo. His name is Funwi and here he is.

  So of course Venice is known for the colorful people that hang out there. The second to last photo in the banner at the top of my blog was taken of one of these people about 5 years ago, the first time I visited Venice and too my amazing here he was still on this day! He plays the electric guitar on roller skates.

  Venice really gets hopping on Sundays where there are a wide array of artists and street performers along the boardwalk area. It was nice to see it during a more peaceful period. The weather was perfect and there were enough clouds around to give me some nice filtered light.

  From Venice Beach I next walked further north to the Santa Monica Pier. I will share a few shots from that part of my day in the next post.  Be sure to find time to visit Venice when you visit Los Angeles, it is not to be missed!


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