Monday, September 20, 2010

Natural Beauty

Today I stopped by the Florida Botanical Gardens to check out their Wedding Garden as I will be shooting some wedding photos there soon. While I was there I decided to try to get a few nice nature photos to add to my collection.  I love Water Lilies. Somehow I just find lily pads fascinating they remind me of fairy tales. I took the above photo with my 70-300mm lens which in some cases does just as well as my macro lens when I cannot get as close as I would like.

I love these grasshopper guys. For some reason I never see them in the community where I live but they are all over the place from what I am told in Florida. Often they seem happy to pose for me when I want to take their picture and they are just so funky looking! This was taken with my 100mm 2.8 lens.

Had to be quick to capture this butterfly.

Love these two. I was in the shade with some beautiful light coming from behind. 

This flower was smaller than it looks, this is where the 100mm macro really shines, love these colors!

How beautiful is this? I love flowers! Nature amazes me so much. 
Florida Botanical Gardens are free to visit. It is a nice place but it is not as 'lush' and filled with flowers as some other gardens I have been to. My favorite botanical garden in Florida is in Coral Gables, Fairchild Gardens. You can spend an entire day there and there are iguanas everywhere. Hope to get down there soon!  Tomorrow I will be posting another International Friends Profile this time Leslie from West Virginia was my subject!


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