Monday, October 5, 2009

Macro Shots

Today I present some of the first shots taken with my 100mm 2.8 Macro Lens. Most of these were taken hand held. I can tell already it is a great lens. The frustrating thing about photographing flowers/plants up close with a tripod is that the slightest stir in the air causes the subject to move around and you have to be patient waiting for a moment of stillness. Photography has done a great deal already to help me learn to focus and quiet my mind. Now it will hopefully teach me to be more patient!

It is difficult to tell but this little group of 3 leaves was smaller than it appears. This lens enables you to see some pretty cool details you might night normally pay attention to. I was fortunate to get the photo of the little frog below. He really blended into the leaves, I just happened to see him hopping around and he was kind enough to stay in the same spot to pose for me for a while before hopping away again.

I was also lucky enough to get the following two shots, of a lady bug and one of the many lizards that live here. The eye is sharp enough that when I zoom into it I can tell he was watching me take his picture!

You can click on the photo of the lizard to bring it up at a larget size, then you can see what I mean about the eye.
Still really hot here, hoping for a change in the weather soon so I can spend more outside exploring. All of these photos were taken in my apartment/condo community, you never know what you will find in you own backyard!

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