Friday, October 9, 2009

Hot off the Grill

Despite the way it looks this grill was not fired up when I took these photos, it is a photoshop trick. I wasn't haveing a lot of luck finding cool little things to photography today. No cool live snails, instead just found this nice sized shell. No idea what prompted me to stick it on this grill but I kinda like the results, certainly not something you see every day!
This leaf was already laying on the grill, I am amazed at what a cool image this turned out to be

This is just a cool little plant growing out of a rock that I enjoy looking at behind the pool here.
Tomorrow I am helping to photograph a charity event at Little Manatee River Park. It is one park I have not been to yet which makes me really look forward to it. Hope to share some pics from there this weekend.

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