Thursday, October 8, 2009

Look again

Getting this macro lens has really made me pay even more attention to the wonderful natural area I live in than I normally do. The variety of plants and animals dwelling in my apartment community alone is stunning. Too often we are so busy thinking about where we are going or where we have been to notice where we are in the present moment, a lesson I continue to reteach myself. A few times in the past few weeks I have spotted one of these amazing little snails on a leaf but didn't have the right equipment to get the shots I wanted. Now I do and was so happy to find this little guy on a plant near the pool the other evening shortly after it rained.

Fortunately snails do not move much or very fast so I was able to set up my tripod and get some amazing shots. Then I was walking around the pool and saw a lizard on a large piece of coral. He ran away but as I looked down at where he had been I noticed a few more little snails, some very tiny hanging out there, seems to be a hang out for them!

I have walked past this coral who knows how many times without really looking at it. I also noticed what appear to be mini coconuts all over the ground there, about the size of a quarter. I am going to take one and crack it to see if a little drop of coconut milk comes out lol.

Finally I am including a close-up pic of the bark of my favorite tree. I will take some other shots of it to share another time. It is a skinny tree but the top looks like what appears to be a combination of a palm tree and a fern. Then thee is the cool bark. All of the little circles within which appears a pattern that looks like some kind of tribal smiley face. A beautiful vine of mini green leaves winds itself up the tree as well! So beautiful!
The next time you go for a walk take the time to really look at what is around you-you might be surprised!

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