Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today I have chosen to post a few older nature shots I like. The weather while now where near as cold as it is up north, has been cool and rainy a lot here in Tampa and I am eager for a return to the sun so I can put my macro lens to use.
The photo above is of a leaf from a vine I took on my list visit to my parents in Maryland last September. I love it because it reminds me of a face.

This is a photo of a bird house in my moms back yard. An example of how a simple simple subject can be turned into art with the right composition and some help from photoshop. Whenever I see this picture it makes me smile. Would only be better if a little bird was looking out the hole!

Finally I took this photo here in Florida. I had never seen this kind of flower before. As I have mentioned in a previous post for some reason as wonderful as the weather often is here I do not notice as many flowers around my area as I did during the spring and summer in Maryland. I am told the Bok Tower Gardens are very nice about 2 hours from me hope to take a field trip there in the near future.

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