Thursday, February 4, 2010

Commercial Finals

Tonight I was thrilled to find out I got an A in my Commercial/Advertising class at school! This is known to be the most difficult class in the Photography program and I had more work to turn in at the end of the class than I have ever had before! We had to turn in a total of 11 photos for the final. I have already posted a few of the ones I used-the mushrooms and white rose. Here are some more of the best ones. I am not sure if the color is coming across as it should on the computer on some of these. I really love the above peapod. This photo took me the least amount of time of any of the still life I did. Just lucky in this case the pod is actually sitting in a white soup bowl though you cannot tell from the framing.

This kiwi slice was lit from underneath. Took me a while to get it right but I am happy with the result

This is my 'spiritual' shot. Devon is my friend Karens daughter. It was lit by candlelight only.

This is for the concept 'hot' it is the coil on the inside of my space heater.

We had to create ads for different concepts. This was for food/cooking and is advertising a real place here in Tampa where I love to buy fresh pasta

This is my beauty ad, used a mirror in this one and am really pleased with it.

This was for health/fitness I really love this photo it was a fun one to take.

This is my wealth/financial ad. Had a hard time coming up with an idea for this one. Not my favorite but I still like it okay. Came across the golf cart parked in Safety Harbor and the best thing about it was that was super clean so didn't need to do much in photoshop!
Now I am on a break before going back for one more term to put a portfolio together and I will have my degree!

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