Sunday, September 20, 2009

The right place at the right time

Today I was not in the best mood. It has been so hot here for so long that I have not been able to wander with my camera the way I love to do. I decided to go ahead and take a walk by the lake and almost didn't take my camera as I was walking the same ground I do every day but felt the need to take some shots of something even if I didn't end up keeping them. I sat on the side of a little footbridge watching the egrets and ducks by the edge of the lake in the shade. As I walked there I noticed a small butterfly near a flowering hedge and as I often had felt frustrated that I could never seem to capture a good image of one because they never sit still long enough.
All of a sudden I looked up and noticed a large butterfuly flitting about I wanted to aim my camera at it but figured it would be gone by the time I focused. Then I saw it suddenly stop, suspended in midair. It had become caught up in a spider web. Well not really a whole web, just a strand of one. I was able to take several shots of this beautiful creature before setting it free. As I watched it fly high up into the trees I felt so amazed at the timing of it all. And reminded that we never know when we will have the opportunity to make a real difference.

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