Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another trip to the zoo

A few Sundays a year Lowry Park zoo here in Tampa has a $5 day. Today was one of those days and though it has been a rainy weekend the morning was clear enough for me to go. I was excited to learn there is now a Koala bear there now and wanted to get some pictures of it. Well they do indeed have one but it is hidden behind glass for some reason unlike most of the rest of the animals making it impossible to get any kind of decent shots :( Instead I had to settle for some fun monkey shots.

I have photographed these guys several times but they were almost always hiding someplace where it was difficult to get a good shot. Today however the momma was laying on a support that was close enough for me to get the above close up with my 70-300mm lens. The baby meanwhile played on the net below and I was able to get several really fun shots.

This next little guy is a freaky little dude. I do not remember what he is called but he always looks paranoid. Today he posed for me on top of a wooden pole with a nice background. You really begin to wonder what these animals think of all the crazy people staring at them all day.
Then there are the mere cats, so much fun to watch. This one appeared to be posing for me. They do not give them a very big area here, the only other place I have seen them is at Disney's Animal Kingdom and of course they have some sweet digs there.

Finally there is this pic of a Chimp who was also posing nicely for me. Lowry Park is a really nice zoo. When the weather cools down a bit I will have to venture to the one that is a part of Busch Gardens, one of the few big attractions around here I have yet to visit.

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