Thursday, July 23, 2009

A few from the Photowalk

Well even though I wasn't thrilled with the way the St. Petersburg edition of Photowalk went socially I was able to capture a few good shots as I do any time I venture there. The first day I visited this area I was stunned by its beauty and by the fact that I now live here and can visit it whenever I want. The above shot is of a tree in front of the Museum of Fine Art. There are a few of these massive trees along the walkway and they are breathtaking to behold.

The sky was beautiful that day as you can see in this photo of two red streetcars which take tourists on tours of the area. I have always wanted to get a good shot of them and I guess this was my lucky day!

Finally here is one of the many amazing views from a point along the Pier. I never tire of it. I hope to brave the heat to get out and take some more shots this weekend. Until next time... Stephanie

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