Monday, July 27, 2009


Today I am sharing 3 photos I have recently developed with the Photoshop plug-ins Nik Color Efx and Topaz Simplify. It really is amazing what this software can do. You can combine/blend effects of the various programs together to produce photos which look a lot more like paintings and it is a lot of fun! The photo above was taken at the Ringling Estate in Sarasota-I took it last October and always thought it would look great as a painting.

This is a photo of a birdhouse that is in my parents backyard. Bringing out the contrast and increasing the saturation turned what might normally look pretty ordinary into something special.

Finally from my favorite city, Santa Barbara is this view of the Courthouse taken from the tower. I love this view. Unfortunately in order to make it square I had to cut out the sky just above the mountains but take my word for it, it is amazing!
My next post will be completely different, photos from a dogs birthday at the park, cute pictures of dogs with party hats!

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