Monday, May 25, 2009


So far pretty much all the photos I have posted have been nature or travel related. What I am really interested in however is taking pictures of people. Here I am featuring a few portraits I have taken over the last few months. This first picture was taken of my friend and neighbor Matthew. There is a big defence between a portrait and a snapshot. Most people take snapshots and don't think too much about framing, what is going on in the background or if the lighting is flattering

This is Samantha, a fellow photography student. This photo was taken in a studio at my school. That day a few of us were just experimenting taking shots for fun, this is my favorite, and converting it to black and white made it that much better.

This is one of my favorite pics and it was totally unplanned. This little girl and her father happened to be down by the lake when I was photographing my friend, I snapped a few quick shots and got lucky. Another photo that looks best in black and white.
This is Victor, another neighbor who works out on these bars he is sitting on every day. I took quite a few pictures of him for a photojournalism assignment and he is the kind that really likes to have his picture take, which was great. I will put up a separate post featuring some more shots from this shoot.

Finally here are a few pictures of Jonathon, he lives across the hall and was kind enough to pose for both window light and studio pictures. I am experimenting and spending a great deal of time learning photoshop, I hope you enjoy the results!

And no I was not on magic mushrooms when I made this last one, just one of the zillion things you can do in photoshop, I think it is funny if nothing else!
Stephanie :)

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