Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going for a Walk

Today I somehow ended up at a park I had not noticed before on the Tampa Map I have been using to help me get around since I moved here. It is about a mile from Downtown Ybor and not exactly what I expected. The map made it look like the park overlooked the Bay,pluse it is called McKay bay park, but no such luck. It is actually wedged next to some industrial factories. There is a short boardwalk that runs among the Mangroves, they are everywhere here. Then there are some roughed out trails also, it is very oddly laid out actually and I arrived at the hottest time of the day. I didn't really think I would find much but ended up with a few great photos. I continue to marvel at the beauty and variety of plants here, not to mention the birds. There was one area where some much needed rain had fallen last night in a bit of a gully. Suddenly I looked up and there was the beautiful bird above. What is he, a kind of eagle or hawk? It was so nice to get photos of a free bird like this with no anklet like you see at the zoo. Later he flew up into a tree where I got a few more shots.

Then there was this guy. I first encountered one of his kind in the Everglades. The craziest thing about these cricket like bugs is that they seems to like to pose for you. I just get the vibe from them that they are just as curious about me as I am about them. This guy let me take a lot of photos of him from various angles.

Finally there are these two plant pictures, they are simple but I like them. I learn more and more to be observant wherever I wander You never know what you will find if you simply choose to be present and take notice. I hope to return to this park when it isn't so hot, I can tell simple though it is it may hide many more natural treasures. Stephanie

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