Monday, March 28, 2011

Clearwater Pet Festival

  Saturday I drove to Clearwater, FL to check out their Pet Festival. This event was not as large as the on I attended a few weeks ago but there were still many amazing dogs there with their people. This first picture was taken at the Siberian Husky Rescue booth.  This sweet one has one blue eye and one brown eye. As usual I wanted to take them all home, these animals radiate nothing but love.

  Entertainment was provided by Twig the Skateboarding Dog. Twig seems to really enjoy this!

  It is amazing what these pets can be trained to do! Also amazing is what they can be trained to wear apparently:

  This was not the only dog I saw wearing goggles. I am guessing they are to protect their eyes from the harsh sun but I am amazed they are okay with wearing them! My family's dog I am sure would have no part of these!

  I just love how the spunky personalities of these dogs show through on these photographs!

  I especially liked this last dog who was having a lot of fun with a tennis ball. He seemed like a super fun one and I really hope someone takes him home soon and plays ball with him all day!

  I am looking for some unique/well behaved dogs to photograph in order to expand my pet portfolio. I enjoy photographing them running and playing as well as 'posing' them and am also looking to use some off camera lighting for some more creative images. Contact me if you or anyone you know have a dog they would like professional photos

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