Thursday, February 24, 2011

Out of the Darkness-Ybor Practice Shoot

  Last night I traveled to Ybor City to practice night photography with off camera flash-I have limited experience in this area and interested in learning as much as I can about it. I started off a little frustrated but ended up with a few images I really like. All photos wee taken with Canon 580 flash mounted on a monopod with a Gary Fong Lightsphere diffuser attached to it.  I am amazed to see how powerful one 580 Flash can be in the dark!
I love taking jumping photos, or just freezing motion in general as I am able to capture moments that go too quickly for the human eye to appreciate.  Here my model for the evening, Charles jumps up in the air in and alley very popular for photographers in Ybor.  There was some visible light and walls in the background which I blacked out in Photo Shop to make this shot into what I wanted it to be from the start.

  Okay believe it or not Charles was sitting in total darkness here. I mean, it was so dark that I could barely see him much less his expression as I took a series of photos here-the flash was about 8 feet from him and the Diffuser produced a beautiful and even wash of light. 

  I have no idea what this thing Charles is sitting in/on was! It was round and had four legs and was wobbly just sitting in the alley.  I really liked the silver sheeting propped up against the wall behind it. I did not intentionally make everything besides his skin Black and White here, it is simple the way it really was!

  This is I think my favorite taken at the end of the night. I positioned the flash along a wall to the left of Charles. When he looked straight at me his face was in split lighting,half lit, half dark. I asked him to turn his face toward the light a little and got just what I wanted, Rembrandt lighting!  I really enjoyed this practice shoot and am eager to learn more about this area of photography. There is always so much more to learn!

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