Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Few from Fort Desoto

  Today I just have a few photos to share from Fort Desoto Park, on of my favorite places. I went there hoping to encounter some interesting wildlife and witness a beautiful sunset.  It was too cloudy to even see the sun much close to sunset and everything was just really quiet there this trip! Still I got a few images I like.
  The top photo is of a stream running through some Mangrove trees.  It was one of those scenes that seem to have a magical quality about it in person-then you take a photo and it just looks like a bunch of trees. After working on it in photo shop though I think I brought some of the magic back. I love the effect of the reflections.

  I took quite a few shots of this bird and this is my favorite of that group. I like the profile and the fact that he/she is sitting on some kind of pine tree just has a nice look to it.

  This is a simple shot of a plant with a wheat-like quality to it. I wanted to capture the late afternoon golden light on which was difficult as the sun kept hiding behind some clouds.

  This is one of those birds that has a long S shaped neck but you wouldn't know it from this shot!  He looks very goofy here and I also love his feet and the barnacles on the wood he is standing on.

  There was a group of plants like this growing pretty close to the ocean. I used my 100mm Macro lens this time. I looks like a flower even though it isn't.  

  Finally there is this shell that was laying in the sand with barnacles on it. I almost didn't post it because in this case I do not feel I have been able to make it look as cool as it did in person! The sparkling powder white sand and the colors of the barnacles was really beautiful in person and they also look very interesting zoomed to 100%!  I am just as always awed by the beauty and complexity of nature!
   I am currently trying to find out where the large white Pelicans that winter in this area are hanging out. I have seen injured ones at the Seabird Sanctuary but not hanging out in the wild. They are huge and rather remind me of storks more than pelicans. I hope I can find some to show you!

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