Friday, August 13, 2010

Practice Shoot Fred Howard Park

Last night I traveled to Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs to join a modeling/photography group I belong to to shoot some models. I always have a good time at these sessions they really make you think on your feet as you dont have a lot of time. This seemed especially true last night as we started at our usual 7 o'clock time and it is now getting dark a little earlier.
I had the opportunity to photograph two different Models. I had an assistant and fellow photographer Javier to assist me with some off camera flash. I am looking to kick things up a notch using off camera flash in on the never ending ladder I am climbing to improve my work. Given the small amount of time and the fact I met these ladies right there for the first time I am happy with the results.

My first model was Angela. There was a giant bank of clouds blocking the about to set sun, so much so I could not reflec some of the nice golden light into her face the way I wanted, still I like these shots. On the one directly about I played around with an antique light preset in lightroom adding a big more vibrance and saturation to the dress. I really like this photo as it seems to have an air of mystery about it.

This next shot Angela is sharing a beautiful natural smile. I have become addicted to photographing people as it is amazing how different we all look moment to moment. The variety of moods and emotions that can be captured with in moments sometimes is simply amazing.

Before I knew it we were told to switch models. My second model was Nayana, originally from Thailand. Fortunately around this time some of the clouds moved away and I had a more attractive sky to work with.

I saw the flowers in the foreground here and knew I would be able to do somthing fun. It was pretty breezy this evening which is good and bad hair-wise! I love Fred Howard Park. One part is wooded with beatuful old trees and dripping moss then this area is a little beaching island you reach by causeway.

Here you have a beach, some rock formations and a beautiful sunset to watch. Here is where we really started to utilize the off camera flash. I really look forward to mastering this!

The above photo is my favorite for the evening. Somtimes when the sun is setting you can feel blinded by the brightness but last night you could look right at the sun which appeared very small surrounded by beautiful light.

Hope you have enjoyed these photos! There are going to be a lot of changes coming to my blog very soon in look and content. I have been doing a lot of thinking on what exact direction to go with my photography and an answer is slowly starting to emerge. For now I will say it is going to have a little more of a photojournalistic bent to it. Details coming in the next few days. Tomorrow I am doing an engagement shoot for Stacey and Greg, whoose wedding I will be shooting in October. Hope to have my favorites from that session up Sunday or Monday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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