Friday, July 2, 2010


It has been pretty rainy the last few days here in Tampa. As I learned one day shortly after getting my macro lens, rain tends to bring out snails. That day I got one of my best shots ever and today I sought to equal it. Not sure if I managed it but these are some fun shots anyway. Snails are such strange creatures! The one in this first photo was super tiny, yet he can stretch his head out really far. They almost look like they are made of gelatin.

I once again as I did yesterday with the spider used my tripod and 100mm macro lens, except for the shot below which required me to use my 70-300. This one was kind of high up on the plant and I couldn't get close enough to it with the macro. This plant is about to bloom into a beautiful orange flower that I photographed when it bloomed last year.

I invite you to look closer at the nature that surrounds us when you go out, especially after a rain. Had I not been looking for something to photography I would have walked right by. There is so much beauty and wonder right under our noses if we would only look!
:) Stephanie

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