Sunday, May 23, 2010

A New Friend for Marvin

So, many of you who know me, know that there is a wacky duck I call Marvin who lives at the lake in my community. I named him after Marvin the Martion because of the 'brush' on his head. I have been told Marvin (known by many other names others have given him as well) has been living here over 5 years! Until recently all the other ducks at the lake have been just regular everyday mallards. We all see Marvin as their king and leader lol. Then about a month ago I noticed another oddball duck hanging out this one grey and white.

At first I thought maybe he/she-actually I have decided to call it a she until I see evidence to the contrary was only stopping by. Sometimes we have a pink spoonbill or other kind of duck drop by one day never to be seen again but she-I haven't come up with a name for her yet-has apparently decided to make a home here.
I also did not notice Marvin paying any more attention to her than any of the other ducks but this past week things have changed.

This week I noticed that every time I took my walk these two were together, whether it be sleeping next to one another on the side of the lake or swimming along together. I realise the above photo is pretty bad I just couldnt seem to snag the shot of them together I wanted this morning. I am very happy the two oddballs have come together. It is funny how things in the duck world mimmick what happens in the human world. This is not to say they do not associate with the mallards they do although sometimes Marvin is mean and chases them around.

Ha this one is cute! What should I name her? The first thing that popped into my head was Jane Grey because she is grey and Marvin can be kind of evil at times like Henry VIII!
Thought I would go ahead and include to other shots I took while walking around this morning. Most of my life I lived in Maryland and you did not see lizards around very often. Here in Tampa they are everywhere especially in the summer. Every time I go out I see see them in various sizes and shades of brown or grey perched everywhere or running around. Yesterday I made the mistake of going out with out my camera and cannot share a photo of two of them hugging. Yes hugging. No not mating they were sitting together-each a different color and one had its arm around the other and they were perfectly still. I watched them for several seconds-never seen anything like that before!

This is just a close up of a cool plant I spotted whose seeds where shimmering and swinging back and for in the breeze.

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