Friday, April 16, 2010


Well tomorrow I turn in the best photos I took this past week and put together my first official portfolio that will be submitted to a panel of 3 then next week I receive my grade and hopefully am told I have earned my degree in photography!
The photos here of my neighbor Victor are some of my favorites. I photographed Victor last year for another class and he has completely changed his look since then. His hair is now dark instead of blond and he now has a beard, I think he looks great!

These shots were taken around my neighborhood in the late afternoon/early evening when the natural light is so amazing. Most were further enhanced by the use of a gold reflector and/or on camera flash.

I LOVE this shot has a very movie star portrait look about it. Though it looks as though I was very close to him to get this I was using my 70-300 zoom from several feet away.

I am especially proud of this shot. It was taken in a wooded shady arena under a beam of sunlight shining down through the trees. You cannot tell when looking at it though if it was taken outside on in a studio. It makes for a very dramatic image. Thank you so much Victor for being a part of my portfolio I think this is some of my best work yet!!

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