Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jonathon and Syndel-Ybor City

Hello from a still cool Tampa Florida. Today was pretty dreary, a good day to finally finish up all my work for the term! Friday I did a photo shoot with neighbors and fellow college students Johnathon and Syndel. We went to Ybor City and had a great time as you can probably tell. There are so many cool backdrops in Ybor, we barely scratched the surface before it got dark.

We used an alley with graffiti and the railroad tracks as back drops as the sun began to set. Jonathon brought a variety of ensembles my favorite being the one with the top hat so much fun!

Syndel also wore a hat for some shots and looks beautiful!

After the shoot we got some 'Alaskan Tacos' at a popular restaurant in Ybor that has really fun decor. I would really love to shoot somebody inside of there some time. Hope to be returning to Ybor to take more pics over my break. Tomorrow will share a few more of the images I turned in for my commercial final. Thanks again Jonathon and Syndel for helping me out with my portfolio you guys were great!

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