Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Post

Here it is my first blogpost! I am sure for the time being it will be a bit spare but hopefully as time goes by and I eventually start my life as a professional photographer I will have many fun photos and stories to share. First I have to learn how to customize things, add photos etc. I have begun reading a series of Photography blogs every day in addition to my normal web surfing. There is so much to learn, more than I ever guessed but I love the fact that every time I go shoot I feel more confident and I can see my photos getting better.
This blog will not only be about photography but my travels around Tampa Bay, my new home, there is a lot to see it is a beautiful place. Until a few months ago I lived my entire life in a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. I never really felt like I belonged there though. Can't say I will stay in Tampa forever but it is certainly a much better fit for me. My first warm winter was amazing-I highly reccomend it.
I am still trying to define a photography style for myself but I am very interested in eventually doing some kind of travel photography. As practice I hope to feature some great photos of Tampa to show those of you reading this who are not here what it is like.
It is late so I will end this here. :) Stephanie

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